Newsletters and Executive Updates

Newsletters Semi-Annual review of activities and news for general audiences
Summer 2015 AOOS increases observing activities in the Arctic, additional ShoreZone imagery added, STAMP project adds new Arctic data layers, North American Mesoscale Forecast System model (NAM-12) model can now be found on Ocean Data Explorer or AOOS Model Explorer, AOOS adds Carol Janzen as Operations Director and Holly Kent as Program Coordinator to staff, Board adds Dan White and Chris Zimmerman, DMAC adds Zach Stevenson and Jim Potemra, AOOS launches Blob Tracker blog.
Winter 2015 GulfWatch Alaska program making new discoveries, AOOS gathers input for 5-year plan, AOOS co-sponsors ocean acidification workshop, Partnership adds subsistence data to AOOS portal, AOOS Film Contest attracts talent, AOOS celebrates 10 years, Farewell to Ellen Tyler. 
Summer 2014 Monitoring ocean acidification around Alaska’s coast, New “Ocean Data Explorer” provides access to statewide data, AOOS supports sentinel Chukchi mooring, Climate vulnerability assessment for Bering Sea heads to communities, Kenai River webcam & weather station, buoy news, and AOOS 10th Anniversary events.
Winter 2014 Using gliders to detect marine mammals, New sea ice atlas illuminates historic conditions, HF radar provides clues to Arctic circulation, New Gulf of Alaska Portal Available, Wave buoy catches ride home, Real-time sensor map gets a facelift, and more.
Summer 2013 Assembling the oceanographic puzzle pieces of Cook Inlet, 7 new AOOS-funded projects, AOOS Board chair speaks to Congress, welcome new intern Jordan
Winter 2013 More real time weather to reach Alaska mariners, AOOS launches new portals for Cook Inlet and the Arctic, Gulf Watch AK and Herring Programs initiate 20-year Monitoring of Gulf of Alaska, National ocean observing supporters gather for IOOS Summit, Arctic Build-Out Plan, STAMP Update, Farewell Rosa Meehan and welcome Ellen Tyler
Winter 2012  AOOS glider setting records in the Arctic, new Cook Inlet spill response tool, Kodiak Harbor Observing Station deployment, project for data tools to support future Arctic fisheries decisions, AOOS 10-year build-out plan, and AK Regional Observing Round-Up
Summer 2011 New wave buoy off Anchorage Point, Ocean acidification monitoring in the Gulf, Special Section on Cook Inlet including tidal energy resource, real-time data and webcam access, NOAA’s efforts to model circulation patterns, and AK Regional Observing Round-Up
Winter 2011  Five-year funding proposal submitted, profile of new AOOS Data Management Team, Interagency Data Integration Working Group launches website,  IOOS highlights, AK Regional Observing Round-Up
Summer 2010  Arctic Research Assets Map, selection of a new Data Management Team, next steps for ocean observations and forecast models in Cook Inlet, and thematic workshops on marine operations, coastal hazards, and climate change trends
Winter 2010 Upcoming workshops, Board activities, the 2009 Field Experiment, COSEE Alaska, and more.
Fall 2009  Highlights of the 2009 Field Experiment in Prince William Sound
Spring 2009 Newsletter COSEE Alaska established, Pete Puffin’s Wild Ride book, IOOS update, World Ocean Day
January 2008  Record-shattering summer for Arctic sea ice; conceptual designs; Arctic Environmental Data Exchange Roundtable

Executive Updates: Monthly wrap-ups of activities by AOOS Executive Director Molly McCammon

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